The journey of Andrea, the man behind NOBìKA
The birth of NOBìKA, a great story made up of a lot of passion, quest for beauty, perfection in every detail, desire to create a product of value in all its parts.
 Andrea Postizzi, born in 1968, originally from Verbania, was schooled in Monza and the United States. His Italian heart and international vision make him a metropolitan dandy with a revolutionary spirit.
For almost twenty years he has been Creative Director and Sales Manager in his family's eyewear business, which has been producing and selling eyewear since 1971, but in 2005 his desire to explore new horizons led him to an experience outside the family sphere: he became Category Manager of a major Italian company in the field of optical distribution. 
In 2014 he started thinking about a new challenge, a noble challenge.



Andrea wanted to create a product with a quality standard he had not perceived for some time in the industry in which he worked. A product whose quality could be seen with eyes closed; a product, the excellence of which was clearly evident to the touch.
In that same year, with a backpack on his shoulders, he left for Japan, in search of the quality that suited his project and to discover a country very different from the one he was used to.
In Fukui, he met and explored craft businesses, studied the working systems of the past and Japanese manual skills. After his first trip to Japan, Andrea decided to resign from his job, at a time when he still had nothing concrete in his hands, to devote himself entirely to his project, because he strongly felt that this was the path he had to follow and that he had found what he was looking for.
Andrea wanted to convey a new vision of Italian creativity by enhancing design with Japanese manufacturing techniques and to achieve quality without shortcuts.
So it was that NOBìKA was established, a firm which does not want to be trendy, but stylish.
The name is inspired precisely by the nobility of the soul which is not seeking to be superior, but identifies a different world of eyewear, made up of quality and details.
The little red triangle, the brand's symbol, represents the accent on the "i" of the name. The element is a coloured aluminium plate inserted into the end of the left temple, imperceptible to the touch.
This eyewear represents all of Andrea's strong desires: quality of materials, professional workmanship and also a faithful representation of his spirit and personality.
The creative and prototyping phases of the eyewear are carried out in Italy, while production takes place in Japan using acetate, a vegetable-based plastic material obtained from cellulose and particularly suitable for use in eyewear manufacture because it is light, resistant, flexible and hypoallergenic.
Production also involves the use of titanium, a material which the Japanese know how to work to perfection, and with the characteristic of being "coined", i.e. worked with moulds, giving more volume and consistency to the product and conveying three-dimensionality, both visually and to the touch.
Andrea found the perfection he was looking for in Japanese craftsmanship, manual skill and care, as well as in their materials.
“It's been a long and crazy journey and I couldn't be happier to share it with the public.The results are amazing. The harmony and uniformity of the workmanship, combined with the consistency expressed by Takiron's colours and three-dimensional titanium, make the eyewear an object that I would define as "sensual"”.
[Andrea Postizzi]